BIGhub is Europe’s first sales accelerator. A platform present in the leading European Marketplaces as a technological solution to expand the performance of entrepreneurs who already sell on the internet, or those who want to start selling. 

See now how BIGhub solutions work:

  • Platform for inventory, sales and financial management: our system allows sellers to register their products, individually or in a file, and control the entire operation in a single place;
  •  Prepared teams: To improve your ads and take them to the top, BIGhub has a catalog curation service, a team of expert professionals who will review your campaign and adapt whatever is necessary to guarantee high conversion rates;
  • Automated process: Through our automation system, you will receive emails about everything that happens in your account: Approval of products, receipt of orders, customer messages, expiration of deadlines, etc., so that you have an efficient management with great performance.

BIGhub is a large hardware store that is present in the leading Marketplaces, where retailers – with an e-commerce or not – can advertise their products to sell on these channels. In other words, BIGhub operates in the e-commerce segment as a privileged space to facilitate the entry of sellers and suppliers who want to sell on Marketplaces.

With BIGhub you can count on: 

  • Simplified and unified management of the sales operation;
  • Price analysis tool to make you competitive in the market;
  • Uncomplicated finance: receive sales from all channels in a single account;
  • Unified inventory control;
  • Catalog curation;
  • Store performance analysis tool.

The difference lies in the unification of your registration and the reduction of bureaucracy in having to comply with all the rules and requirements of the Marketplaces, after all, BIGhub has already done this for you. When you register your product on the BIGhub platform, it will automatically be available in all Marketplaces where we are present.

In addition, the management of your sales with BIGhub is also unified, that is, you can manage orders, receipts, payments, inventory and shipments in one place.

No. BIGhub makes it possible to place your products on the leading Marketplaces without the need to have an online operation to sell. Even if the retailer has only one physical store, he can use the platform, register the products and advertise.

No. BIGhub is just the space for other retailers and suppliers within the Marketplaces. We do not buy products, we do not keep inventory and we do not ship items to end customers, these are the responsibilities of sellers who use our store to advertise what they sell. 

BIGhub is ONLY responsible for sending products from online stores originating from BIGsales, whose entire development and operation are included in the service package.

BIGhub’s retailer or customer supplier is responsible for separating, packing and dispatching the advertised product at the logistics operator to send it to the end customer. 

BIGhub is ONLY responsible for sending products from online stores originating from BIGsales, whose entire development and operation are included in the service package.

No. The BIGhub solution goes far beyond the service of integrating products with Marketplaces. We are a sales accelerator, where the great advantage is the number of sellers present on the platform to boost product reach. The union of all sellers brings about results that would not be possible when advertising as a single seller and operating alone in the sales channels.

No. BIGhub does not boost your self-published ads directly on Marketplaces or through other platforms. To have your ads boosted by BIGhub, you need to have a contract with us and register your products through our sales platform. There are many advantages when you use BIGhub to sell your products: the reputation shared by other stores, more chances of occupying privileged spaces, simplified entry into the largest Marketplaces, integrated management in a single environment, among others.

No, as there are restrictions imposed by the Marketplaces themselves or by current legislation.

The quantity of products to be registered on the BIGhub platform is determined by the plan signed by you. The more products you advertise, the more competitive you become and the more chances you have to make sales. BIGhub offers the facility to register products on file, in large quantities, leaving you to decide how many products you want to advertise.

No. Only physical products can be registered for sale on BIGhub partner Marketplaces.

BIGhub does not charge a commission on product sales, only the monthly amount of the chosen plan. The seller will only pay the commission to Marketplaces, whose rates are different (the commission rate is informed when registering the products).

No. To place your products on the Marketplaces through BIGhub, you need to have your company tax number, the proof of which must be sent to us for validation, as well as the Permanent Certificate or Declaration of Commencement of Activity. The store will only become active after validation of all data through an internal operator.

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