Why should your store be on Marketplaces?

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More than half of the world’s online purchases are made on Marketplaces. And this is just one of the reasons


Large sales platforms, with hundreds or even thousands of sellers vying for consumers. This scenario of immense competition is the portrait of Marketplaces, virtual malls where retailers from all over the world can be present. So why take your products to the Marketplaces? Because that’s where your customers are too.

After the boom in e-commerce in recent years, when many internet users discovered how easy it is to shop online, it’s now time for Marketplaces to gain more and more ground. And this is because, just like physical shopping malls, the big platforms provide a convenient shopping experience by offering a wide variety of products and brands in one place.


The Marketplace audience is growing every year

According to statistics from 2023, around 52% of online purchases made worldwide took place on Marketplaces, with growth projected to reach 62% by 2027. It’s therefore important for shopkeepers who have their own ecommerces, or even retailers who only have a physical store, to understand the strength of Marketplaces. And, consequently, why they should migrate to these platforms or include them in their sales channels in order to increase their visibility in ecommerce.

To sell on a Marketplace, you have to follow restrictive third-party rules, and you don’t have the branding and marketing resources of an exclusive brand site. However, there are thousands of consumers who visit these sites every day, if only to research products and prices. And many sales happen this way.


The ease of internationalizing your business

One of the great advantages of Marketplaces is the ease of cross-border trade, especially between countries in economic blocs such as the European Union. For many shopkeepers, this would be impossible because of the bureaucracy and costs involved in exporting products. AliExpress, for example, automatically translates its sellers’ ads into 18 languages.

In addition to the great visibility provided by thousands of daily visits, shopkeepers also rely on the reputation of the platforms. To be on a Marketplace, you have to follow rules such as a short and certain delivery time, tracking within a few days and being serious about receiving and sending the goods. Consumers therefore trust those who sell on Marketplaces.

These are the main advantages of being on internet sales platforms, but that’s not all. Finally, the most important thing to know is that, in order to be successful in various business segments, it is essential to keep up with the new technologies that accompany them, and Marketplaces are currently the great reality of e-commerce.


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